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Thanks so much for the tip! A few drops of water on the inside if your arm should be cool, but shouldn't make you shiver. Drain the conditioner water, and fill the tub with clean, cool water.

Shop top brands for Men's Dress Shirts and find the perfect fit today. Macy's Presents: The Edit - A curated mix of fashion and inspiration Check It Out Free Shipping with $75 purchase + Free Store Pickup.
When that shirt shrinks, it no longer fits properly. You don’t have to throw out your favorite shirt or stuff it in a drawer because it’s too short on you. You can stretch a shirt out to be longer so it Founded: Jun 17,
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With your iron on medium-low, start going over the t-shirt using pressure. With the iron in one hand and the shirt in another, start pulling and pressing the shirt out with the iron.

Don't just go over the shirt, use the iron as a means of force, the t-shirt stretching as the iron passes over it, forcing it outward. Make sure to go in every direction — pulling up, down, and to the sides. Flip the shirt over when you're done and begin on the back, too. This method isn't great for significant stretching; it's best used if you just need the shirt to fit a little better or be a little longer.

Leave it to dry. Make sure it's flat and give it a final tug one last time. Spread it out, and place weights around the edges if you'd like. This just makes sure it stays at the size it is now, just how you like it. To make sure it stays at this size, avoid drying it. From now on, this shirt should be air-dried. You may occasionally have to stretch it out again, but avoiding drying will keep it larger. Wear the t-shirt in the shower. Clothes stretch more when they're wet. So, the next time you're in the shower a hot shower is best , wear your shirt.

Tug on it in all the areas you want stretched. Talk about a productive shower! This sounds a little silly, but think about it: So if you need a shirt that's only longer or only bigger in the bust, say, this is a decent idea. Tug on the t-shirt often. Cotton shirts are pretty malleable.

If you tug and tug on it, the t-shirt will eventually stretch. If you wear it all the time, constantly pulling on it will stretch it out bit by bit.

Just make sure not to overdo the stretching, as it will eventually look obviously out of shape. Use weights to manipulate the t-shirt's size. If you've used one of the above methods, you may want to use weights on the t-shirt to keep it stretched out for a final certain measure. On the edges of the shirt, place mugs, books, or bags of rice, keeping the t-shirt in it's stretched-out position. You can also place items inside the shirt. Need it stretched out for your chest?

Place a couple of baseballs inside, stretching out that area. Place a cylinder or small bowl in the sleeves. Have a larger friend wear the t-shirt. But if you have a friend who's in that Goldilocks zone just right , ask them for the simplest favor they could ever give you. All they have to do is wear your shirt for an hour or two; or just sleep in it. This method works well for small or fitted T-shirts. Get the entire T-shirt wet.

Either use the washing machine or dunk it into a tub of water. Pull the wrung but wet shirt over the back of a dining chair. Or, choose another appropriately-sized chair that won't be damaged by the water. Allow the shirt to dry. As it dries, the shape of the chair will stretch the t-shirt nicely for you.

If I use the shower method, will it affect the graphic writing on my T-shirt? If you're pulling the shirt right where the graphic is, there's a chance you'll get some cracks in it; since you're using the shower method, you can just avoid pulling too close to that area.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful How long do I need to keep the shirt on the chair while using the "chair stretch" method? Leave the shirt on the chair for however long it takes for the it to dry. If you're worried that the shirt is becoming too distorted, pull it off while it's still somewhat damp, and lay it flat to dry. Not Helpful 8 Helpful I know this might be a dumb question, but if I am using the "chair stretch method", will the graphic or image on the shirt be distorted?

Use a chair that is big enough to stretch the shirt to the size you want it. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. Which method will stop it from shrinking if I put it back into a dryer? None of the methods will prevent your item of clothing from shrinking once back in the dryer.

This is because the heat from the dryer makes the shirt warm, causing the fibers and particles in the shirt to shrink. Just remember — the stretching techniques used for wet shirts work best for t-shirts that need a whole lot of stretching. Finally, remember each time you wash your t-shirt you might need to repeat the whole process to get that perfect fit again.

Oil and fabrics are never a good mix. Thank you so much for this tip! The only problem is they only had xxs, xs, xl, and xxl. This is an awesome tip. Got such a unique shirt, from a friend 10, miles away, I could not bear to tell her that it shrank two sizes the first time I washed it! I just got a t-shirt i am required to wear on a field trip, It is two sizes too small, and just by pulling on it, it fits great.

I just bought an awesome shirt from goodwill and didnt have time to try it on and besides it was the only one! Thanks so much for the tip! Fill the sink or tub with cool water. Make sure the water is not hot or cold, but lukewarm. Mix it up with your hands so the shampoo or conditioner is completely dissolved in the water. Baby shampoo or hair conditioner help soften the fabric's fibers so it will stretch easier. Leave it in the water for 15 to 30 minutes. Drain the water from the sink, then fill it with fresh, cool water.

Submerge the shirt, then squeeze it gently to rinse the conditioned water from the fabric. Let it soak in the water for five minutes. Take the shirt out of the water.

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